The practice of Shamanism reaches back to the dawn of time.

While Western medicine tends to focus on curing us at the physical level, the goal of shamanic energy medicine is to heal our being at every level, including the physical body.

Energy Medicine works directly with the Luminous Energy Field (LEF), also known as a halo or aura.

An invisible matrix that surrounds and informs our physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual world.

It contains our template, and encodes how we live, how we age, how we heal and how we might die.

With this we empower clients and loved ones to create exceptional health by making energetic, emotional, nutritional and lifestyle interventions,

so that our health-span equals our lifespan.

Together we release blockages and allow your energy to flow freely.



Individual Shamanic Sessions

Solo Healing Session (60-90 Minutes)

Illumination Process

Cleanses and tunes chakras; Releases disharmony; Clears imprints from your Luminous Energy Field; Boosts your immune system and energy levels.

Energy/Entity Extraction

A deep energetic clearing that removes stuck energies which no longer serve the individual.

Soul Retrieval

Sometimes in our life we go through traumatic events such as abuse, divorce, war, illness or death of a loved one. These events may cause part of our soul to stay behind. Soul Retrieval is deep healing work that restores wholeness.

Death Rites / Soul Transitions

Beneficial for hospice and end-of-life situations; Effective in easing grief by working with the deceased loved one and find closure for a fearless and conscious passing. To move on in a graceful and dignified manner.

Space Clearing (Minimum of Two Hours)

Clear away negative energies and provide purification and blessings of a space. Good for reclaiming an area after a traumatic event and also for moving into a new home or office. Helps clear disharmonious, energetic residue and presences within and around your space,

The Shamanic Healing session takes place either in office or remotely by telephone, Skype or Zoom. Depending on the work undertaken, the client either sits in a chair or lies on a massage table (fully clothed). All work is done with explicit permission of the client in a safe, comfortable and confidential environment.

Break free from that powerful grip of your past problems with traditional healing sessions with Jamie.

There are a variety of services tailored to your personal and your specific needs.


Is Shamanic Energy Healing For Me ?

People seek shamanic healing for many different reasons.

Situations include:

Releasing painful childhood memories.

• Changing thought or behavioral patterns that no longer serve you.

• Alleviate suffering from pain or physical problems.

• Resolving difficulties within relationships.

• More easily navigate through a major life change.

• Restoring joy and vitality after a loss or trauma.

• Discovering individual direction or purpose.

• Shifting heavy ancestral energy in the family line.

• Preparing for death.

Wanting to break and evolve from old, unhealthy patterns of behaviour, thinking and beliefs

Searching for a way to form a deeper connection with themselves, others and nature.

Willing to embrace the experience and remain open to change

Wanting to reach their greater self, and experience spirituality both within themselves and in the world around them

Wishes for guidance to help overcome negative or stagnant energy which blocks them from progressing in life

Shamanic healing can be beneficial to people who seek a change within themselves, but feel lost when it comes to putting that change into action.