What Are Healing Circles?

My Healing Circle is free and open to all.

Many circles are specifically for those impacted by cancer, chronic illness, or grief; but not only.
They provide a safe space in which people who have suffered similar trauma can come together and Pray Healing. Either for themselves and or for family and friends to share and show their love and support.
They are a huge part of longstanding traditions in all indigenous tribes and cultures around the world.
There is no limit to the good that can be accomplished with Healing Circles.
It is a Safe Space to send love, light, and healing wishes to our friends and family.
It helps to shift from feelings of helplessness and terrified to ones of empowerment, trust and being hopeful.
When the intention of the circle is clear, eg: healing or prayers or meditating, then they cannot fail to be of service and have an impact at a quantum energy level.
The concept of coming together in “Circles of Light” where groups of people consciously activate loving and healing energy for our world during this pivotal time.
To make a positive impact while simultaneously providing much-needed rejuvenation and hope during this exhausting marathon of fear, loss, and uncertainty.
It is when we wake up to the essential truth that we are all one interconnected human family.
No matter what skeptics say, prayer works if it is informed by loving intention and wisdom.
There’s no question about it. Prayer also offers renewal, and renewal is essential, especially right now.
Prayer, Meditation and working with Spirit / God, is one of the great modalities of love.

It is an opening to the Divine.

When you channel all the streams of love you have into prayer, it doesn’t matter where you aim it.

The energies of prayer take on their own autonomous life and they know what to do. Praying, meditating, or visualising in groups helps the focus and magnifies the results.
It is empowering and relaxing to experience, helping shift out of anxiety and separation into a state of deep peace and connection.
It feels like being plugged into a powerful source of energy that recharges and reawakens you for the first time, suddenly discovering your true function.

As many of us are searching for ways to stay healthy, resilient and optimistic while we work to heal this troubled world, we can come together as energetic activists, which is both pioneering and an ancient act of honouring a glorious, timeless part of being human.

In reverence for the Divinity within that links us all. A healing circle is to provide positive social support to anyone who asks for it.
These circles build on a framework that brings out the best in people.
It encourages participants to treat one another with kindness and respect, hold one another’s stories in confidence, withhold judgment, and honour one another’s unique path to healing without advising, fixing, or rescuing.
Circle participants work together to explore the best ways to remove obstacles to healing, alleviate suffering, and deepen their capacity to heal.
They also access their own inner guidance to determine where the greatest healing—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—can occur.
Healing circles began 100,000 years ago, when our ancestors started to gather around campfires.
We’re grateful that indigenous peoples continued to carry the pattern of circle forward.

Circles started around the cook-fires of humanity’s ancestors and has accompanied us ever since.

We remember this space.

When we listen, we speak more thoughtfully.

We lean into shared purpose.

Everything was done around the fire, and I mean everything.
Healing Circles help us step out of ordinary time into a safe and accepting environment in which to explore our and others healing.

 Healing Circles with Jamie and other Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioners, Energy Healers and Light Workers from around the world will be held twice a month.

On the 1st and the 15th.

All we require is the Full Name of those in need of healing and their Age.

We do not need their diagnosis.

To learn to true way to Pray and Heal look at these videos.

The True Power of Praying – https://bit.ly/3q0lJug
Blessings and How You Heal – https://bit.ly/3CGsPvh

For more information contact me.


Credits: Many sources, thank you and Thank You Pachamama.

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