The True Power of Blessing

Free Hurtful Emotions And Open To Greater Healing

Blessing – Part 1 of 2.

Blessing is a quality of thought/feeling/emotion that allows us to redefine our feelings about something that’s hurting us now or in the past. 

It is a “lubricant” that frees our hurtful emotions, opens us to greater healing. Rather than being stuck and unresolved within the body.

To lubricate our emotions, we must acknowledge (Bless) all aspects of those hurtful things: such as those who suffer, the cause of the suffering, and those who witness the outcome.

Also, it is important to be very clear about what it is not.

When we bless someone who has hurt us, we aren’t suggesting what happened is OK, or that we want it to happen again.

Blessing doesn’t condone or make excuses for any atrocity or act of suffering.

What blessing does do is free us from our painful experiences.

It acknowledges those events, and feelings about those experiences and allow them to move through our bodies instead of getting stuck inside them.

Blessing is the key to accessing the space between.

When we make our choices and offer our prayers from a place of strength and clarity, rather than from weakness of rage and hurt, something wonderful begins to happen. This can be as simple or as difficult as we choose to make it.

Before you can Bless . . .

One prerequisite before you can do a blessing into your life.

You must truthfully and honestly answer a single question. This is for you alone.

Question is: “Am I ready to move beyond a `gut´ reaction or an old belief that `someone must pay´ or I need to get even in order to right a wrong?”

To move beyond the thinking that justifies hurting someone because they’ve hurt you.

If the answer is yes, then the blessing is for you, and you will like the results you experience.

If your answer is no, then your path is to find out why you would choose to hold on to a belief that keeps you locked in hurt and leads to the very suffering you’re trying to heal.

There is No right or wrong answer.
This helps you to be very clear in your thought processes and what you hope to achieve through your beliefs.

The Blessing Template.

The key to receiving the gift of blessing is that it must be offered.

Find a place of privacy, where no one will hear what you’re about to do.

Then, simply begin by stating the following out loud:

•    “I bless __________.” (Place here the name(s) of those who are suffering or have suffered.)

•    “I bless __________.” (Place here the name(s) of who or what has inflicted the suffering. It helps to be as specific as possible.) •     “ I bless me in the witnessing.” Or those who have been affected by suffering.

This can take a time or two before it really works.
Repeat your blessing until you feel warmth in your body that extends outward from the pit of your stomach.
This will rise and expand throughout your body.

** Now we  start to realize the full impact of early biblical edits!

When the books that preserved the wisdom of emotion & feeling disappeared from our traditions, we were left on our own to understand what the new texts were all about!

It becomes obvious that tremendous liberties were taken throughout the centuries with the wording and intent of the ancient authors.

A lot was lost in the so-called Translation!!

Even the priests and people of authority began to forget the power of feeling in prayer and blessings.

We need to bring in the feeling of prayer and blessing.

Always the feeling.

Each moment is a prayer and blessing.

Life is a prayer and blessing!

Scientific tests showed when people prayed and blessed and were at peace within their bodies, the world around them reflected that peace and blissfulness.

All that could happen was peace and bliss. When they stopped, the violence renewed, sometimes reaching levels greater than before the experiments began!

Prayer and blessing is more than what we do.

Prayer and blessing is what we are! Rather than something that we do sometimes, the old traditions invite us to accept prayer and blessing as something that we become, always.

Bringing back to you the real power of Blessings and Prayers.


Credits – Dr Alberto Villoldo, Gregg Braden and his Book “Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer”, The Four Winds & their Teachers, all My Teachers and Guides, Great Spirit, Pachamama.

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