The Death Rites

The Death Rites
Recapitulation and Forgiveness.

We want to assist loved ones in coming to closure with their life prior to death.
When a person comes to closure with their worldly existence they transit effortlessly through the domains beyond death.
Recapitulation and forgiveness bring completion to a life.
Forgiveness in closure while we are still living is the focus of recapitulation.
You would be surprised at the healing power of a simple “I love you” from a dying parent to a child or vice versa.
Ultimately, the dying person needs to forgive themselves and to know that they are fully forgiven by life.
We ask them how they would like to be remembered.
Recapitulation brings closure through forgiveness.
Assisting them to let go of any feelings of being wronged or having wronged anyone else.
We make it okay for a loved one to voice their feelings and respond to their anger with physical comfort and support.
We become an unshakable source of love and unconditional support even in a storm of rage.
If the loved one’s condition is critical and they have not been informed of this, we let them know.
Most people know anyway, they can feel the change from family members around them.
They will also know that they can count on you to speak the truth.

Granting Permission To Die
The most important step in the Death Rites is giving a loved one permission to die.
Let them know that there is no reason to worry about those who stay behind.
Saying, mother or father, we are here with you and love you very much.
We want you to know that we will be okay. We will look after each other and keep your family together.
Even though we will miss you, it is perfectly natural for you to go.
We don’t want you to suffer anymore, or for you to continue to cling to life.
You have our full and complete permission to die.
You know that we will always love you.
Without your permission to die, your loved one might cling to life for months, and enduring unnecessary suffering and causing great anguish for the family. Permission must come from the immediate family, and ideally there should be a consensus.
Encourage them to express their love and forgiveness.
Every voice in the room must count and be heard. Permission from those closest to the client carries the most weight, even if this happens to be a personal friend and confident and not an immediate family member.

The Final Rites
We hold the space for a loved one to be touched by the hand of Spirit.
There are two parts to the Final Rights: The Illumination Process and the release of the Luminous Energy Field.
Some have felt the presence of the deceased relatives as well as the luminous beings around them during the Illumination Process as spiritual midwives on the other side are preparing to receive the dying person.
Through this process you can create the space were a loved one can experience grace and liberation.
It is best to begin the Illumination Process sometime before the loved one passes, is it can require several sessions to clear the toxic energy around a lifetime of imprints.
We are there to help the person find the strength, guidance, and spiritual fortitude to embark on the greatest journey of their life.
It is essential that we obtain the loved ones permission before we perform the Illumination or any part of the Death Rites.
The Illumination process combusts the energy in the chakras and erases imprints from the Luminous Energy Field.
This alleviates the life review process in the Spirit world, as most of the charge has been drained from emotional memories.
We Illuminate all seven chakras.
When we’ve cleared the sludge from the first chakra, we balance it by spinning it clockwise again, and proceed to the second chakra, following specific protocols in the Illumination Process.
The body knows how to die in the same way that it knows how to be born.
9 out of 10 times the Luminous Energy Field returns to the world of Spirit with ease.
The disengaging of the chakras during the Final Rites is necessary only when the process does not happen naturally.
These are the rites we perform after the person has died.
We release the Luminous Energy Field and seal the chakras immediately after death so that the luminous body does not re-enter the physical shell or become contaminated by the energy residues in the body.
PLEASE BE AWARE that when most Priest’s gives the last rites they do the sign of the cross over the heart chakra and it usually covers the most of the other 6 chakras as well.
This seals shut the chakra’s and doesn’t allow them to disengage and release.

It’s so important to reach closure with our life.

Once we do so, the hungry ghosts are dispelled, and forgiveness dissolves them into thin air.
In this space, relatives who have passed and healers from the Spirit world assist the dying person.
Ideally this should be performed immediately after the person passes, and in any case no later than 40 hours after the final breath.
Immediately after death the chakras begin to release the luminous thread that connected them to events from the past.
Because the energy of the chakras is changing very rapidly, we disengaged them following the arc of a spiral, with the heart at the centre.
Each chakra must be spun counter clockwise, in a specific order.
The Luminous Energy Field sometimes adheres to the chakras even after they have been unwound.
Most cases the luminous body exits immediately after the chakras have been disengaged
After all of this we then make the sign of a cross over each centre with our thumb.
This keeps the luminous body from returning to a lifeless physical form.

Remember that the cross is more ancient than Christianity.
It represents the sealing of a doorway into a physical body they will never use again.

When we hold a loved one within our Luminous Energy Field, you are creating an oasis of peace.
In that calm it is possible for the dying person to regroup, recognize love ones, and discover the luminous healers awaiting on the other side.

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