Step 4, Focus On Your Mind.

Concentrate On Your Breathing
The Basics Of Meditation In 4 Steps

Step 4

Focus On Your Mind.

While you are concentrating on your breathing, you will achieve a state wherein your mind will start throwing images at you.

These are mostly random- events of the day, future plans, problems and worries, fears and so on.

It will be hard to ignore these thoughts and you are not supposed to ignore them.

The gist here is to acknowledge these thoughts when they enter your mind and then release them.

This might sound hard but here is a simple example to understand the concept.

You know that you have furniture at home- you can see it clearly with your eyes, but you are not really concentrating on it.

Focusing on the furniture will usually make you think of its color, its material, how it looks in that part of your home, and more.

You need to be able to look at these random thoughts in a detached state, seeing them clearly in your head but not
focusing your attention on it.

There will come a time that these random thoughts will stop and you will notice that you are already in a blank space in your mind.

This is the state you want to achieve during meditation.

This is the place where you can think about your problems and focus on it till you can find a solution for it.

With this, you have successfully mastered the basics of meditation for your stress management program.

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2 thoughts on “Step 4, Focus On Your Mind.

  1. Sandra Hines

    Thank you for sharing…my mind seem to be a monkey…jumping from things to another and I get lost in my thoughts and I have yet to achieve peace or time I realize it I’m already down a rabbit hole…trying to think what’s was I thinking and it was only a thought. Then I aware I am thinking these thoughts .

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sandra, our minds can be so busy at times. If you go to my You Tube Channel, Jamie Vida, there are 100 videos you can watch on many different Meditations. If you are listening to them and you fall asleep, that is ok. If your mind keeps wondering, bring it back to the now and see how long it stays listening to my voice before it drifts off again. With time and practice you will be able to quiten your mind. If I can help in any other way, please reach out and let me know. In Munay, Jamie


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