Spiritual Benefits of Routines In Our Day

Routines provide a framework for a more spiritual enlightened life.

Spiritual Benefits of Routines In Our Day

Routines provide a framework for a more spiritual enlightened life.
Even though some daily practices may not appear to be spiritual on the surface, they provide the structure you need to find Spirit and God in the chaos of everyday living.

Mornings are my favorite time of day to dedicate myself to my spiritual development.

When I am focused on connecting to a higher power and healing, a consistent morning routine is essential.

Every morning we have an opportunity to align ourselves again spiritually for the day ahead.

A spiritual morning routine includes intentionally choosing spiritual practices.

When we choose to do this, it brings major improvements in our perspective and the way we experience life.

The first moments and hours after waking from a night of resting and regenerating sleep is a period of heightened energetic sensitivity and openness.

We can make the best use of this time by practicing a spiritual morning routine that can allow you to set and maintain a higher vibration for the day.
Choosing to implement a spiritual morning routine allows you to make sure that your perspective is aligned before you do anything else.

All spiritual practices are powerful at any time of the day, but it is an effective choice to align with these practices when you are most rested and clear.

A spiritual morning routine also includes other benefits including but not limited to: improved general health, vitality, focus, less stress, better mood, flow states, improving the relationship you have with yourself and others.

The first things we need to do in creating a spiritual morning routine is setting the intention to dedicate our mornings to our chosen practices.

Ideas For Your Spiritual Morning Routines

# 1 Cacao Ceremony.

I like to start the day with a cup of organic Cacao.

With all the proven health benefits, I know it will keep me going for many hours. It also starts my day to share from my heart space, from a place of authenticity and love.
It  supports opening the heart!
1.    Prepare the Cacao. Once you’ve taken a few minutes to make your space nice and tidy, it’s time to head over to the kitchen and prepare the cacao. …
2.    State What You’re Grateful For. …
3.    Set an Intention for the Day. …
4.    Drink your Cacao! …
5.    Close the Ceremony.
If you are interested in buying Ceremonial Grade Cacao contact me.

# 2 Meditation.
Meditation is a staple practice within any spiritual morning routine.
You can include any type of meditation that feels right for you.
Traditional silent meditation, breath awareness meditation, or guided meditations.
You can find many meditations on my You Tube Channel.


Meditation allows you to slow down and become present to the deeper eternal aspects of who you are.

# 3 Yoga.
Yoga is also an ancient holistic practice that can be an entire morning routine itself.
Yogic practice includes activating your body and energy through a variety of powerful practices.

Yoga is perfect to include within your morning practice as it will help you to focus and actively embody spirituality in your mind and body in preparation for your day ahead.  

# 4 Grounding and Immersing Yourself In Nature.
Spending time in nature will add to your spiritual morning routine.
You can choose to do this by itself or with some other morning practice.
Meditating in nature or eating your breakfast mindfully in your garden can naturally connect you energetically to mother earth.

This will naturally raise your vibration and connect you with the energy field and consciousness of Pachamama, Mother Earth.

# 5 Journaling.
Journaling is a wonderful practice to include in your spiritual morning routine, or at any time.

You can dedicate a journal to any and all of your thoughts and feelings as well as journaling about all we are grateful for in life. 
#6 Prayers and Blessings.
Prayer is a great addition to your spiritual morning routine; you can use the power of prayer to acknowledge and welcome divine assistance for your day ahead.
You can use prayer to express gratitude or appreciation.
It can also be your safe space to speak about your needs and dreams.

To get the most out of your Prayers and Blessings, see my articles on these at www.jamievida.com
#7 Reading.
Reading will add spiritual inspiration and knowledge to your morning routine.
Include time for the reading of sacred texts, spiritual books and books to help you improve yourself on all levels; Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

It also improves focus and presence.

Routines In Our Day

Combine any number of these practices to design a morning routine that is fitting for you.

To gain the benefits of these practices you need to dedicate yourself to seeing through your morning routine for 66 days.

This allows the aligned energy and benefits that you gain from your practices to integrate into your daily life.

This has been proven by the University College Campus in London as being the optimal time to make this into a real-life changing life-style.

Robin Sharma splits that up into 3 lots of 22 days.

The first 22 are a bit hard, the second 22 get a bit messy, and the third 22 are becoming easier.

He also splits the first hour into 3 parts.

The first 20 minutes for exercise, the second for Meditation and the third for self-development, like reading books or listening to Podcasts.

Be kind to yourself and disciplined in practicing your spiritual morning routine.

Over time, your morning routine becomes a Ritual and will be a cherished start to your day and a major upgrade to your life experience.

Maintaining your morning routine will create ripples that benefit you, and all those around you.

So, start today and begin preparing yourself for your Routines and a brand-new enlightened life.

In Munay,


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