Prayer Part 2 of 2

The Best Times of the Day To Pray

Although praying any time during the day is beneficial, Native North American Indian traditions state that two times each day the earth enters into mystical realms.

One realm immediately after the sun disappears below the horizon, just before the darkness of night arrives.

The second realm occurs just before the sun reappears from the edge of the sky, after the darkest part of the night.

Both are twilight moments.

Suggested is an opening occurs in which profound truths may be realised, deep healings may occur, and prayers have their greatest power.

Called by Carlos Castaneda as a “crack between the worlds”.
An access point into the unseen realms of spirits, demons and power.

Prayer is more than what we do.

Prayer is what we are!

Rather than something that we do sometimes, the old traditions invite us to accept prayer as something that we become always.

The quantum principle tells us that prayer is consciousness.

A state of being.

Inviting us to be surrounded by our answer and be enveloped by what we desire.
We must first have the feeling of our prayers answered in our hearts before they become the reality of our lives.

Asking “Please let these things happen,” – this is not the language Creation recognises.
When we feel as though we’re surrounded by healed lives and healed relationships, and enveloped by peace in our world, that feeling is both the language and the prayer that opens the door to all possibilities.

The key is that we must become the very things that we choose to experience in our lives.

If you are looking for love, compassion, understanding and nurturing in our lives, we must develop those very qualities within ourselves so that the Mind of God can mirror them back to us in our relationships.
If we want abundance, we must feel gratitude for the abundance that already exists in our lives.

Creating Your Own Prayers: 

Words of prayers are not the prayers. They may be beautiful, ancient, and time-honoured relics, they are simply the catalysts to unleash the force.

And the force is within you!!

You is the operative word here.

For our words, its all about our Feelings!

Prayers are personal.

One is different for every-body.

This is where you can have fun with your prayers.

Create your own! Words that have special meaning to you.

Between you and God / Spirit.

Could be a simple single statement you’re praying about is already accomplished.

Like, “I give thanks for a safe journey and a safe return.” 

While you state your prayer, feel the feeling of gratitude as if your journey is already complete.

To empower your prayer with your senses, see yourself doing something when you return home, like taking the groceries out of the car and putting in the fridge.

The key is that you can only take the groceries out of the car and put them away if you are back home.
This way, you have set the powerful intention of a safe journey by feeling it as if it has already happened.

If you are poetic, your prayers can reflect your creativity in the form of rhymes.

Rhymes are both easy to remember and can become part of your daily ritual.

Check out Rhyming Dictionaries for extra help.

The important point is to give thanks for the feeling they create.
There’s a friend who drives over mountain ranges who says, “All creatures great and small, stay safe today, one and all.

Creation responds to what we become – and to what we feel.

Have fun with your prayer poems.

Share them with friends.

It can come very naturally for you to anchor and seal your prayers with a rhyme.
We knew how to do this as children, and they know how to do it today.

Different ways to pray.

I feel the best way is what is most comfortable, peaceful and sacred to you.

This could be lying down – face up or down, standing, walking, on your knees, crossed legged on a mat of cushion, on a chair, holding a book or an object you feel a connection to God or Spirit with.

You may have your own position that brings you closer.

This can be by yourself or with a friend or group of people.

Your hands could be clasped, or fingers and palms together, in front of your chest, or chin or forehead.

You choose what is right for you.

The one thing I always do is at the beginning and the end is to give Thanks and Gratitude.

 In whatever way you feel is appropriate.
Through such simple and joyful moments of life, we’re using an ancient inner technology to access the most powerful force in the universe!

Bringing back to you the real power of Prayer.


Credits – Dr Alberto Villoldo, Gregg Braden and his Book “Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer”, The Four Winds & their Teachers, all My Teachers and Guides, Great Spirit, Pachamama.

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