Prayer – Part 1 of 2

The Power that was Intentionally Hidden From Us!

The Power that was Intentionally Hidden From Us!

The way indigenous peoples all around the world still practice, and the way our ancestors prayed.

For thousands of years, those who came before us preserved the knowledge of prayer, why it works, and how we might use it in our lives.

In massive temples and hidden tombs, through language and customs that have changed very little for at least 5,000 years, our ancestors preserved the powerful knowledge of prayer.

When we focus on a certain quality of feelings in our hearts, we’re actually using a mode of prayer that was largely “forgotten” after the now well publicized biblical edits of the fourth century.
Then with each new edit and publication after this it was conveniently left out until even organized religion “forgot” about it!

There are two questions that a lot of us ask.

1) What is happening to our world?

2) What can we do to make things better?

Generally, we are all looking for the same thing – a land to call home, a way to provide for our families, and a better future for ourselves and our children.

We have a few ways to help make these things happen and bring about change.

The one way that most of us practice Prayer in the West is we ask.

When we ask FOR something to happen, we give power to what we don’t have.

Prayers FOR healing, empower the sickness.

Prayers FOR rain empower the drought.

Continuing to ask FOR these things only gives more power to the things we would only like to change.

If we pray FOR world peace, while feeling anger towards those who lead us to war, or even war itself, we may inadvertently be feeling the very conditions that lead to the opposite of peace.

A slight shift in perspective could change that.

If you didn’t pray FOR rain, what do you do?

Pray rain.

I begin to have the feeling of what rain feels like.

The feeling of rain on my body, what it’s like to stand with bare feet in the mud because there has been so much rain.
I smelled the smell of the rain on the earth and felt what it feels like to walk through fields of corn chest high because there has been so much rain.

Engaging all our senses, in the hidden power of thought, feelings and emotions, this is what sets us apart from other life forms.
Senses of smell, sight, taste and touch, that is what connects us to our world.

Using the powerful and ancient language that “speaks” to nature.

Following the prayers of rain, feel thanks and appreciation of the completion of the prayers.

Like an “amen” of Christianity. Or the “Aho” in South American Shamanic Energy Practices.

Feel grateful for the opportunity to participate in creation.

“Through our thanks, we honor all possibilities, while bringing what we choose to this world.”

This quality of gratitude and appreciation releases the life-affirming chemistry of powerful hormones in our bodies and strengthens our immune systems.
These change within us, the quantum effects carry beyond our bodies through the conduit of the mysterious substance that appears to connect all of creation.

Try this mode of prayer for yourself.

Think of something that you would like to experience in your life.

It may be the healing of a physical condition for you or someone else, abundance for your family, or finding the perfect person to share your life with.

Rather than asking for it to become present in your life, FEEL as though it has already happened.

Breathe deeply and feel the fullness of your prayer fulfilled in every detail, in every way.

Now feel the gratitude for what your life is like with this prayer already answered.

Note the ease and release that comes from giving thanks, rather than the longing and yearning that comes from asking for help.
This subtle difference between the EASE, and the longing is the power that sets asking apart from RECEIVING.

Bring in all your senses – Feeling – Seeing – Hearing – Smelling.

How powerful! How beautiful! How simple!

Feeling is the language that the Mind of God and Spirit recognizes.

Feeling based prayer changes us.

We bend, and the world spontaneously reflects our improvements.

Especially the way we feel about what we do.

The ancients believed that feeling – especially the form of feeling that we call “prayer” – is the single most powerful force in the universe.

Bringing back to you the real power of Prayer.


Credits – Dr Alberto Villoldo, Gregg Braden and his Book “Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer”, The Four Winds & their Teachers, all My Teachers and Guides, Great Spirit, Pachamama.

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