Meditation For Every Mind, Body & Spirit.

Meditation is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body.

Meditation is a simple practice that we can all participate in.

It has a long history for increasing calmness and relaxation, improving the mind, coping with ill health, and enhancing overall well-being.

The first written evidence of meditation was back in 1500BC.

It was handed down from generation to generation a long time before this.

It has lasted thru history because of its effectiveness.

Every culture throughout time has had one form of meditation or prayer in their lives.

There are over 1400 scientifically proven benefits.
Including, reduced stress, promotes emotional health, promotes physical health including the immune system. Enhanced self-awareness, improves focus, memory and attention, helps with sleep, helps control pain, improves blood pressure, helps you make change in your life . . .

You will find inner strength and clarity from meditating, and be able to handle yours and your families’ challengers better.

Originally, the word “meditate” means to think deeply about something. Although westernised for us at its introduction to our part of the world.

Meditation is great for many things, and it’s different for everybody. 

However, it is usually one of these three things that drive people to practice:
•    Specific benefit: improving your health, wellbeing, performance, focus.
•    Growth: emotional healing, self-knowledge, self-discipline, releasement.
•    Spirituality: connecting with Spirit, God, inner peace, or other spiritual endeavour.

It usually involves relaxation, focus, and awareness.

Meditation is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body.

There are as many types, and variations to Meditate as there are ways to sing a song.

It is a Practice, you don’t win a race, it takes time & commitment.
Four minutes a day for 5 out of the 7 days of the week. That’s all to start.

Meditation creates more space in your days and more peace in your moments.

It is also an excellent tool for coping with stress, pain management, ADHD, and PTSD.

With the sessions I take you will enjoy guided meditations, breathing exercises, and progress from beginner to more advanced practices.

I share with you meditation and visualization tools to use at home and work in creating your own practice.

With meditation there is no “one size fits all”.

I find the most beneficial and rewarding meditation is the fusion with Shamanic Energy Medicine. “Shameditation”.
A hugely powerful medium.

One that gives you the ability to facilitate the elimination of dis-ease and restore harmony.

Sometimes I introduce shamanic drumming, sometimes the rattle and or singing bowl. Sometimes just my voice, or background music, crystals and sage, or just the silence.

My class meditations are different from my one-on-one meditations.

My Morning meditation is different from my evening meditation.

Each one is structured to the time of the day, the day in the week, year, moon cycle and people I am working with.

I open sacred space before every session, and we open our Wiracocha’s (from our 8th Chakra) at the start and close at the end, for extra protections.

I will also introduce you to the Fire Ceremony. To release the negative feelings and emotions we carry around with us every day.

You will use meditation as a tool to move through overthinking, self-doubt, to help boost creativity, and a myriad of other beneficial uses in your life.

Positions – there are many options on posture & how to sit.

My experience – if I am in a comfy chair or lying down – I have a tendency to fall asleep

I Prefer Upright, Burmese posture, head slightly down.

There are many positions, and you will find the right one for you.

I have a cojin Meditation cushion underneath me with legs crossed in front.

This posture gives me stability so I can sit for some time.

With a straight spine it helps keep me alert.

Or somewhere your back is supported – or sit against the wall, front part of a chair – wherever is comfortable to start with.

I put a hand on each knee and touch thumb and first finger together of each hand. You can have yours the same, or on your knees, or in front. Wherever is comfortable for you.

I close my eyes for my own preference.

It feels more sacred and private.

You will have good days and challenging days – but we will stick with it.

Some have a fear of doing this. That it won’t work for them.

Practice this with me and you will succeed, more than you ever thought possible.

3 Phases – of meditation work
1)    Relaxation Phase
2)    Intention Phase
3)    Return Phase

You will find inner strength and clarity from meditating and be able to handle challengers in our lives better.

Join me online, in class or 1 on 1.

Meditations with Jamie

For Every Mind, Body & Spirit.

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