Clearing Spaces From Negative Energies.

Our world is full of positive and negative energies.
Clearing Spaces From Negative Energies.

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Our world is full of positive and negative energies.

Bad energy has a way of wrapping itself around the people and places it comes into contact with in hopes it can stay.

This is why quick, deliberate action is needed to remove them and to keep them away.

We must be careful that we do not become a recipient and transmitter of them.

Here are some signs that negative energies can be around.

Health problems not responding to treatments.

Feeling lethargic all the time.

Physical injuries not responding to treatments.

Uncomfortable feelings in your home, or workplace.

Your property just not selling, when so many people seem interested.

Repetitive negative thoughts towards addictions and suicide.

Feeling emotional & tearful for no reason.

Feeling confused & drained.

Things going wrong all at once.

That one room, or more that feels cold, or hot or just not right.

It’s not that we intentionally exude negative energies, but it show’s us how complicated our chakras really are.

It is important to remember that the quicker you deal with these energies the better.

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