Meditation For Every Mind, Body & Spirit.

Meditation is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body.

Meditation is a simple practice that we can all participate in.

It has a long history for increasing calmness and relaxation, improving the mind, coping with ill health, and enhancing overall well-being.

The first written evidence of meditation was back in 1500BC.

It was handed down from generation to generation a long time before this.

It has lasted thru history because of its effectiveness.

Every culture throughout time has had one form of meditation or prayer in their lives.

There are over 1400 scientifically proven benefits.
Including, reduced stress, promotes emotional health, promotes physical health including the immune system. Enhanced self-awareness, improves focus, memory and attention, helps with sleep, helps control pain, improves blood pressure, helps you make change in your life . . .

You will find inner strength and clarity from meditating, and be able to handle yours and your families’ challengers better.

Originally, the word “meditate” means to think deeply about something. Although westernised for us at its introduction to our part of the world.

Meditation is great for many things, and it’s different for everybody. 

However, it is usually one of these three things that drive people to practice:
•    Specific benefit: improving your health, wellbeing, performance, focus.
•    Growth: emotional healing, self-knowledge, self-discipline, releasement.
•    Spirituality: connecting with Spirit, God, inner peace, or other spiritual endeavour.

It usually involves relaxation, focus, and awareness.

Meditation is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body.

There are as many types, and variations to Meditate as there are ways to sing a song.

It is a Practice, you don’t win a race, it takes time & commitment.
Four minutes a day for 5 out of the 7 days of the week. That’s all to start.

Meditation creates more space in your days and more peace in your moments.

It is also an excellent tool for coping with stress, pain management, ADHD, and PTSD.

With the sessions I take you will enjoy guided meditations, breathing exercises, and progress from beginner to more advanced practices.

I share with you meditation and visualization tools to use at home and work in creating your own practice.

With meditation there is no “one size fits all”.

I find the most beneficial and rewarding meditation is the fusion with Shamanic Energy Medicine. “Shameditation”.
A hugely powerful medium.

One that gives you the ability to facilitate the elimination of dis-ease and restore harmony.

Sometimes I introduce shamanic drumming, sometimes the rattle and or singing bowl. Sometimes just my voice, or background music, crystals and sage, or just the silence.

My class meditations are different from my one-on-one meditations.

My Morning meditation is different from my evening meditation.

Each one is structured to the time of the day, the day in the week, year, moon cycle and people I am working with.

I open sacred space before every session, and we open our Wiracocha’s (from our 8th Chakra) at the start and close at the end, for extra protections.

I will also introduce you to the Fire Ceremony. To release the negative feelings and emotions we carry around with us every day.

You will use meditation as a tool to move through overthinking, self-doubt, to help boost creativity, and a myriad of other beneficial uses in your life.

Positions – there are many options on posture & how to sit.

My experience – if I am in a comfy chair or lying down – I have a tendency to fall asleep

I Prefer Upright, Burmese posture, head slightly down.

There are many positions, and you will find the right one for you.

I have a cojin Meditation cushion underneath me with legs crossed in front.

This posture gives me stability so I can sit for some time.

With a straight spine it helps keep me alert.

Or somewhere your back is supported – or sit against the wall, front part of a chair – wherever is comfortable to start with.

I put a hand on each knee and touch thumb and first finger together of each hand. You can have yours the same, or on your knees, or in front. Wherever is comfortable for you.

I close my eyes for my own preference.

It feels more sacred and private.

You will have good days and challenging days – but we will stick with it.

Some have a fear of doing this. That it won’t work for them.

Practice this with me and you will succeed, more than you ever thought possible.

3 Phases – of meditation work
1)    Relaxation Phase
2)    Intention Phase
3)    Return Phase

You will find inner strength and clarity from meditating and be able to handle challengers in our lives better.

Join me online, in class or 1 on 1.

Meditations with Jamie

For Every Mind, Body & Spirit.

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When we step into this path which is the medicine way, we live in harmony and health.

A shaman is a medicine person of Paleolithic times – from the days that we were hunter/gatherers, before we dramatically changed our diet with the introduction of agriculture and grains to our dinner table.

The shamans of old had direct experience of the energetic nature of reality.

They understood that the material world is an expression of a subtler energetic realm that we interact with at all times.

They learned how to dream their world into being within this energetic realm, so they could participate in the creation and stewardship of reality.

Today there are very few traditional shamans left, but I believe that we are the new shamans.

We are the new caretakers of the earth, the new dreamers that can dream a more peaceful world into being.

Even though we are not shaking feathers and rattles, or reading the oracle of the bones, we are nonetheless today’s modern shamans, engaging with the luminous nature of reality.

We are helping to birth a world of the possible in which we have health, in which the rivers are clean, the air is breathable again, and where we are able to assist people who are suffering.

We help our fellow humans understand that there is a way of living in stewardship and connection with nature; that when we step into that path which is the medicine way, we live in harmony and health.

The shaman is the master of the two worlds – the visible physical world and the invisible energetic world – and can dance between the two.

I like to use the example of Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2, where we have energy on one side and matter on the other.

Most people are totally invested and familiar with the world of matter, but overlook the world of energy.

The shaman is the man or woman who can dance on the equal sign between the two worlds.

We help to birth into the world that which needs to be born from the energetic, and we help return to the energetic that which needs to go back to source – whether it be a child that is about to be born, a loved one going through their final days, or a new concept destined to become a powerful moving force in our planet.

This is what modern shamans do.

We actively dream the world into being; we co-create with the divine.

“Shaman” is an ancient term for a healer and a person of medicine – a person who conveys beauty and health.

Today it is essential that we recover this model of the human that is dedicated to service and healing and stewardship of the planet.

We have to break out of the folklore and establish that the new shamans are the innovators, the people who are reflecting on problems such as how to solve global climate change by addressing it in our personal lives; how to deal with violence in the world by healing violence in our lives.

I believe we all have to help recover this model of the ancient human who is in service to the earth and in service to nature, beauty and health.     

Credits – Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds & their Teachers, Great Spirit

What is Shamanic Energy Medicine?

With shamanic energy medicine we can create a new human.

For millennia the indigenous Wisdom Keepers, the medicine men and women of the Americas (in fact, of the world), developed methodologies for healing that were based on upgrading the quality of the luminous energy field (LEF).

Also known as a halo or aura. This energy matrix surrounds all living beings and organizes the body the same way that iron filings are organized by a magnet on a piece of glass.

The LEF contains information about our genetic histories, the illnesses and psychological dramas that run in our families and determine how we will heal, age, and even how we will die.

This information is encoded in the form of imprints that are stored in the field.

When we don’t upgrade the quality of the LEF, we end up living out the same dramas that our parents and grandparents experienced; the successes and the failures, the lost loves and the hurt.

We end up repeating them all. We also repeat the genetic histories of our ancestors – living with and dying of the same conditions they suffered throughout their lives.

When we upgrade the quality of the LEF by clearing the imprints of trauma and disease, we create the energetic conditions for health – and disease goes away.

This is the foundation of Shamanic Energy Medicine: To create and maintain extraordinary health, so that our health-span equals our lifespan.

Cutting-edge neuroscience is now confirming what shamans have known all along.

Thanks to neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to organize itself into higher order neuro circuitry, we can create psychosomatic health.
Biology is telling us about epigenetics – our ability to modify our genetic expression through what we eat, drink, and breathe; through the thoughts we have, and the love that we experience in our lives.

In fact, only 10 percent of our health or illness is influenced by our genes. The other 90 percent is a result of our lifestyle … and our dreams.
I like to tell people that we are our dreams and not our genes.

If we don’t upgrade our luminous energy field, if we don’t come up with new dreams to carry us forth in life, we will keep replaying and repeating the nightmare that we inherited through genetics.

Shamans know that we can modify our genetics through our energy field. That it is possible to access password protected areas that switch on the genes that create health.
At the core of Shamanic Energy Medicine is how we modify our genetic expression in order to create health.

Even beyond that, we can take a quantum leap to create a new human – which I like to call homo luminous – that is not subject to the suffering and the illnesses that have long plagued humanity, and that continue to plague us today.

Through shamanic energy medicine we can create a new human that ages and dies and heals courageously and brilliantly.

In Peace, Luv, Light & Laughter,


Credits – Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds

Destiny Begins From Within

What is success?

There are many definitions.

One that I hear often is “to be able to do what you want”.

That is true, but I would complete the definition by adding and underlining: “and knowing what you really want”.

In fact, we are often pushed to put our energy into achieving what we are “supposed” to want, and we may not give enough attention to taking the time to truly understand what energizes us.

I say “supposed” to want because there are many external factors that condition us and determine our beliefs around what is good and what is not, what is a good goal and what is not, and so on.

The self-awareness about who we really are and what we really want is the premise to achieving any real, long-lasting success in our life.

Without this, we are likely to move along two ways: One is the walk around life aimless, without a goal.

The other is to pursue an aim that, on a deep level, we do not feel like is really ours.

In both these situations we find difficulties in expressing and manifesting our full potential.

Even if we keep on repeating to ourselves that we have a certain goal, if we are not deeply convinced of it, it will be difficult for us to really put in all the necessary energy and commitment.

Our inner conflicts and unclear intentions interfere with our actions.

Things turn around dramatically when we know what we really want.

Not only will we feel and use another level of energy, but also, we will experience a feeling of peace and trust.

We are then ready to manifest what drives our soul and can create the destiny we deserve.

This will lead to a dramatic improvement in all the key areas of our life.

All we need is already within us now, but we need to really find it, listen to it, and translate it into our realities.

When we dedicate time to deepening our self-knowledge, we spend our time well.

In Munay,


What Stimulates The Pineal Gland?

What Stimulates The Pineal Gland?

Then allows you to develop intuition and improve your health at the same time.

This is why it is called a magical gland.

The pineal gland, also known as the pineal body, is a small pinecone shaped gland that lies deep inside the centre of the brain in the epithalamus. 

Almost all animals have a pineal gland, and its role remained a mystery for a long time.

The role of this tiny gland was one of the last to be discovered and has only recently begun to be understood.

In fact, scientists are still studying it today and yet, it’s complete role and function has not been defined by researchers. 

It is a part of the endocrine system and helps to regulate melatonin, which is a chemical produced in the brain that helps the body sleep at night.

The pineal gland function lies in governing the production of hormones as well as the maintenance of the circadian rhythm, which is essentially our sleep/wake cycle.

Starting with sleep, the proper function of the pineal gland is fundamental.

It secretes melatonin, the sleep hormone, in response to the light-dark cycle. 

It’s regulated by the suprachiasmatic nucleus in the hypothalamus. 

It controls body temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue, sleep, and circadian rhythms.

It’s also responsible for producing serotonin. 

Serotonin is your happy hormone, and its functions include regulating mood, behaviour, and digestion.

This gland has much more to give us.

According to indigenous people and the wisdom tradition teachings, it is the key to higher states of consciousness.

In ancient Egypt, the pineal gland was known as the seat of the spirit or the soul. 

They used the third eye as a route to higher awareness and consciousness.

The Buddhists related it to spiritual awakening.

 The Hindus connect it to the third eye which represents intuition and clairvoyance.

 Jesus said that the eye is the lamp of the body and if the eye is clear, your body will be filled with light. 

This relates to the eye of intuition (pineal gland) and seeing things clearly and in truth.

In the book of revelation, those with the sign of the beast on their forehead symbolised the closed down pineal gland meaning spiritual death.

 There’s good scientific reasons for the ancients viewing the pineal gland in this way and scientists are now making discoveries which support the miracles of this gland.

 During ecstatic states people report seeing light and colours.

 Research shows that this gland has photo receptors in it, and it’s actually lined with similar tissues as the retina. 

It also has the same wiring to the visual cortex in the brain as the eyes.

There are tiny floating crystals in the pineal gland that vibrate when under pressure and give off light. 

This is called piezo luminescence and is well documented in research papers.

Instead of a simple gland, it’s a magical gland

Gottfried de Purucker (2011) published in the book ‘Man in Evolution’ said that “whenever we have a hunch, the pineal gland is vibrating gently; when we have an intuition, or an inspiration, or a sudden flash of intuitive under-standing, it vibrates more strongly”

There are a large number of environmental stresses that affect the pineal function, such as irregular light and dark rhythms, EMF, sound, nutritional imbalance, build-up of fluoride, high altitude and daily stress.

 “Fluoride is likely to cause decreased melatonin production and to have other effects on normal pineal function, which in turn could contribute to a variety of effects in humans.” (National Research Council 2006).

Top pineal gland boosting tips.


Eat clean organic food that have purifying properties like raw cacao, organic honey, spirulina, zeolite, apple cider vinegar and vitamin D.


By bringing your awareness to the pineal gland you’ll bring energy to it.  Try visualising an illuminated pineal gland. The pineal gland is 12cm in from the root of the nose going towards the back of the head and 5cm up. Meditation stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to relax the body and mind so that mundane thoughts of everyday life do not impede your ability to live a happy and healthy life.

Practice Gazing Meditation.

According to ancient yogic philosophy, specific gazing techniques such as Trataka meditation can increase third eye activation. The most common way to practice Trataka is by candle gazing, or gazing at the flame of a candle without blinking for 1-3 minutes. Then, close your eyes and focus on the afterimage for several minutes until it disappears. You can repeat this several times in one session.

Another way of practicing this is to focus your eyes on a specific point in space, called dristhi in yoga. A common third eye meditation involves gazing at a spot in line with your nose, then gazing at the tip of your nose, and finally, directing your gaze upward to your brow or third eye area (called Shambhavi Mudra). You can practice each gazing point for up to 10 minutes each.

Colour Visualization

Visualization is another way to amplify the power of your pineal gland and third eye centre. 

In chakra theory from yoga philosophy, the Ajna chakra or third eye is the colour indigo, which is a deep blue-purple colour.

You can envision this colour in your mind’s eye at the space between your brows or even deep back into the brain where the pineal gland resides. 

The Sanskrit word Ajna means “command”, so by visualizing this colour here, you further activate your “command centre” to live your life to its fullest potential by piercing obstacles in your path through your own willpower.

Eat Cleansing Foods

For the pineal gland to function at its optimum potential, a balanced and healthy diet is essential. Fluoride, which is frequently found in water supplies and toothpaste, calcifies the pineal gland, which lowers its function. Therefore, a cleansing diet rich in super-greens like spirulina and chlorophyllwill be very beneficial for keeping the pineal gland active through the detoxification process and nutrients they provide.

Experiment with a Sensory Deprivation Tank

Because the pineal gland is photosensitive, exposing yourself to full sunlight as well as immersing yourself in total darkness at night will help to maintain a healthy pineal gland.

If total darkness is not regularly possible, try a sensory deprivation tank.

Also called “float tanks”, these containers allow you to be immersed in a closed tub of water where you feel like you can float, completely cut off from all your senses.


The pineal gland responds to vibration.  Humming like a bumble bee creates a beautiful calming vibration to the nervous system and stimulates the pineal gland.  All you need to do is close your eyes, inhale and on the exhale hum like a bumble bee for 21 breaths.

The more that you practice these techniques, the more you will begin to ‘see’ a change in your life. Gradually, you will begin to notice a shift in your thinking, acting, and way of being.There are some tell-tale signs that your pineal gland is healthy as you activate your third eye centre.

You’ll feel calm and your mind will feel refreshed.

Listen to your intuition

Experiment with listening to your intuition more and having the courage to follow the messages coming from your intuition.  I’m sure you’ll have had the experience of going against your intuition, looking back, and wishing you’d had the courage to listen to your gut!

Signs You are Amplifying Your Third Eye

You find deeper meaning in the events that occur in your life

You understand that physical reality is a manifestation of duality, and your soul seeks to be liberated from this duality.

You never feel alone, but instead feel connected to all things, animate and inanimate.

You feel the vibration and rhythm of everything around you.

Your senses are heightened (touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight).

You begin to see and feel your own energy body and others as well.

You identify less with your ego sense.

Negative emotions such as anger, greed, envy, and lust begin to disappear.

Remember to enjoy the process and be patient with yourself as you try to incorporate these techniques to amplify the power of your pineal gland. This tiny little gland does a lot more than we give it credit for, so when we start to nurture this aspect of our mind, body and soul connection through regular healthy practices, big changes can happen.

In Munay,



The Mindbliss Team.


The pineal gland is one of the biggest secrets that have been kept from us.

The secret is not that the gland exists, the secret is its function. Medical students are told that it is a disused organ, but it is not.

The Pineal Gland is our third eye, it is the organ through which we dream and imagine and once activated it is also the organ that connects us with other dimensions of reality.

That is, it allows us to see beings from other dimensions as well as allowing us to make astral trips (leave our physical body to travel with our ethereal body).

Develop psychic abilities such as clairvoyance or telepathy and even the possibility of traveling through time.

It is not difficult to know why it is a secret, the answer is in the Church. How has the church survived? Being the monopoly of religion: going to mass is the only way in which we have been shown to connect with the Divine plane, but in reality the Temple to reach the Divine connection is within each one of us.

The pineapple or pineal gland has several meanings. For the Catholic religion it means the power of God; for Freemasonry, the vision of the cyclops.

Within the Egyptian tradition it is known as the eye of Horus. In sacred geometry we can see that the eye of Horus corresponds exactly with all the structures of the brain and in the Asian world as the THIRD EYE or center of clairvoyance and intuition.

In initiation terminology it is known as “The Gate of Paradise” and even the French philosopher Descartes proposed that the pineal gland was what connected the body with the soul, or contained it. He defined it as “The seat of the soul”.

His proposal arises because the pineal gland is not duplicated bilaterally in the body, and he also believed (wrongly) that it was unique to humans.

The hormone Melatonin produced by the Pineal whose deficiency is caused by insomnia, depression, fluoride calcification and various other chemicals that are present in some chemically added foods such as tap water, oats, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, nuts, rice and cherry Ies.

In the ancient temples of the Sumerians and Babylonians there was worship of the pineal and even in the Vatican we can see a monument that they have in the shape of a pineapple or pineal, the popes also carry it, and on the walls of the pyramids are hieroglyphics.

The pineal secretes a substance called DMT (dimethyltryptamine) also known as the spiritual molecule that curiously is released in the rapid eye movement (REM) phase, that is, when we are dreaming, it is responsible for the visualization of images in dreams.

When there is no light, the pineal gland produces melatonin from serotonin. It is related to the regulation of wakefulness and sleep cycles and serves to counteract the effects of jet lag syndrome.

DMT is so powerful that it can carry the consciousness of man through travel through time and dimensions.

In the immediate state before death, a large amount of DMT is produced.

That is why the ability to enter consciousness in higher dimensions is attributed to him. It achieves mystical or interdimensional states, it is the most powerful hallucinogen or entheogenic found in nature, in all plants and animals (in greater or lesser concentration) and has profound effects on consciousness, which accelerates the spirit.


In Munay

Make Success Your Destiny

From this moment on, choose not to let your past dictate your future.

What is gone is gone forever.

Now is the time to move on, to do and become what you want: to be the best in any area that you choose, so you may design your own destiny.
Here are a few helpful suggestions and simple tips that can quickly move you
in the direction of manifesting your destiny and to accomplish many great things in your life.

To join the ranks with the most successful people in the field of your choice, or
merely to achieve your dreams quietly, for yourself, you will need to take the
journey toward a better, more enlightened future.

Toward a more empowered and motivated you, toward a life that you will design and achieve.

You will live your life as you want it.

And you will become that person you have been dreaming of becoming.

Invest in your life. No more wavering dreams, staring out the window and wishing and hoping. No more sleepless nights worrying about your future as you only see where you are now.

This time it is for real. What you are dreaming of will happen, and in

From today, you will move forward in your life in a dramatic way.
You will do what is required of you to accomplish your daily goals, big and
small, and you will always expect to succeed at everything you do.

Embrace your unlimited power and build a life of excellence.

Success is your one and only option.

Fill all your days with accomplishments, no matter how small you may think they are.

It is important, at this point, to realise that most successes stem from your ability to feel certain that you can set out to achieve what it is that you desire.

And for you to feel certain, you need to become confident.

One of the principal prerequisites to achieving almost anything in life is confidence. Confidence is an indispensable requirement to your success.

To further your development and betterment, be it for your personal or professional needs.

Confidence is the doorway to success and fulfilment.

With confidence you will have the courage, strength, and motivation to tackle and overcome all life’s setbacks and challenges.

The great news is that confidence is a learned skill, and anyone can learn the
skills to have awesome and unstoppable confidence.

As promised, here are just a couple of confidence tips that I believe are easy to do and are extremely effective.

By repeating the simple tips daily, they will retrain your thinking and become an automatic part of your new successful and confident habit.

They will become your new way of life.

Challenge your thoughts that have been holding you back and stretch your
mind to raise your limits to unlimited heights.

At the end of each day, put yourself into a confident and resourceful state of mind by jotting down in your diary or daily journal, all the day’s achievements, no matter how small.

Benefit: The mere act of writing them down reinforces the idea of success and confidence.

It is extremely beneficial and motivating for you to feel the successes from deep within, so your mind acknowledges them as confident achievements.

Just before going to bed, conceive and initiate your ideal day.

Once you have gone through your diary and planned your next day, sit back, and take a few minutes to imagine and visualise the entire day, from beginning to end. See it unfolding exactly how you would want it to be, in every situation.

Feel the confident emotions that come from success, with the feeling that you have
accomplished all that you wanted.

Benefit: When you go to sleep, your subconscious mind will work all night on
ways to bring about that which you have just visualised.

Truly make it your destiny to accomplish many great things in your lifetime by
adopting a vital ingredient to success, and that is confidence.

With confidence you discard worry, hesitation, and fear.

With confidence you rise above challenges and failures.

With confidence you have unlimited motivation and unrelenting persistence.

Do not underestimate the immense power of confidence.

I hope you find these tips and advice helpful.

Go ahead, reap the rewards, and accomplish many great things in your lifetime.

In Munay,