Journaling For Spiritual Benefits

The most immediate benefit spiritually from journaling is that it helps us think more clearly and keeps our mind sharp.

The most immediate benefit spiritually from journaling is that it helps us think more clearly and keeps our mind sharp.

Writing is an act of forming thoughts into something suitable that will be understood and interpreted as we partake in our Spiritual Journey of enlightenment.

You don’t need to be religious to benefit from keeping a spiritual journal, in fact anyone can reflect on their own personal belief system, regardless of whether it includes a higher power or not.

For some, a spiritual journal is a place to document daily prayers, meditations, and dreams.

It is often an overlooked tool in the self-care kit.

It can be a great way to express our thoughts and emotions, as well as explore who we are.

Journaling helps with stress management and mental health.

To also find meaning in the events of our lives that occur and inspiration when we need it most.

It encourages self-love, acceptance, and gratitude.

When writing use narrative form, poetry, pictures, or symbols.

Some people find it useful to start the day with 10 minutes of stream-of-conscious writing.

Do not stop even if you repeat the same thing over and over.
Include your dreams in your journal. Allow dream memory to bubble up.

Journaling is an inexpensive way to get in tune with your inner self while simultaneously learning about yourself!

Keeping a journal has been a strategy that has helped many brilliant, powerful and wise people become better at what they do.

To get started, begin by simply writing down keywords or phrases from your meditation or prayer sessions that have meaning for you.
Here are the basics of how to start journaling:
•    Pick your tools for journaling: notebook/paper and pen/pencil.
•    Pick a topic to write about, like your daily routine, what you’re thankful for, what came up in Meditation etc
•    Set a timer for 15 minutes
•    Write without stopping to edit or fix punctuation

•    When the timer goes off read over what you’ve written and review your thoughts.

Sounds simple right?

Well, that’s really all there is to it.
Try these Tips:
Don’t think too much, just write.
Invest in a notebook or pen you love.
Embrace the connection between your hand, the pen and the paper.
Do not worry about the need for perfection.
Find a quiet place away from distractions.
Find the right time of day and make it a routine.

Define your purpose.

Think of the things in your life Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually you want to write about. Take time to reflect on your thoughts at the end.

It also helps to sift truths from errors.

It slows our pace and helps build our faith in ourselves and our beliefs.

One of the benefits of journaling is that you can track your spiritual progress over time.

So, make sure to review your journal regularly – at least once a month, if not more often.

This will help you see how far you’ve come and celebrate your successes.

You may write something in your journal, look at it later, and see things that you didn’t see before.

Our perspectives often change as we gain more knowledge and experience, so keep that in mind when reading old journal entries.

There you have it – everything you need to know about starting a spiritual journal.

Now it’s time for you to grab a journal and get started on your own journey!

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to journaling.

Just enjoy the process and let it take you wherever it may.

It shouldn’t feel like a task on your to-do list or an assignment you need to get done asap.

There is no right or wrong way to do it!

If it feels like a burden to do it every day, consider doing it once a week, so it never gets old.

Approach it as a tool that can bring you joy and peace!

It is also not just about writing.

As you review your thoughts you can draw images and diagrams that add extra emphasise to your journaling.

It is my sincere hope that some of these spiritual benefits of journaling will spark the desire in you to begin keeping a journal or encourage you to persist in the habit.

In Munay,


What Is A Fire Ceremony?

Fire allows for rapid transformation.

It provides the avenue to honor your lessons and old belief structures by turning them over to Spirit, thus enabling you to heal deeply at the level of the soul without having to experience them.

Fire ceremony, one of the core rituals in many medicine traditions, is typically held around the full or new moon of each month, when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest.

In the past, it was done in the presence of a teacher for many years before the student was encouraged to do it alone.

Now, shamans say the earth and our civilization are in such great peril that fire ceremony can be held by anyone who is willing to step in.

The fire itself will become your teacher and will let you know immediately if your intention is pure.

Before entering the fire circle, create an offering out of burnable materials, typically a small stick.

This “spirit arrow” can represent something that needs to be honored in order for you to let go of it.

The offering serves to focus one’s attention in active meditation.

The object can be decorated or left as is.

If twigs are not readily available, some people use wooden craft sticks which can be purchased by the bundle.

A word or phrase identifying the issue to be honored or released can be written on the stick.

Connect with what you are honoring, the gifts you have received, or what you are envisioning into being.

Using your breath, blow this intention or prayer into the offering several times.

Ideally, it’s preferable to do your fire out-of-doors, where you can connect deeply to the earth, the star energies and the timelessness of the location.

Initially, it is recommended to hold fires at night, so you can notice subtle changes and learn from the fire.
We can also perform a micro-fire ceremony indoors with a candle. This is perfectly acceptable as well.

Fire ceremony allows us to source from our soul and to re-remember how we have sat around sacred fires throughout time.

Whenever you feel blocked, or are working on what you want to dream into your life, fire is an incredible tool to help you change and shift.

My family love to participate in fire ceremony with me.

They often bring their personal stick offerings for what is going on in their lives.

We encourage you to invite family and friends to your fire ceremony.

We can we hold monthly fire ceremonies in our own communities.

While the steps are simple, always bear in mind that you are creating ceremony.

At this time of tremendous change, our souls long for ceremony.

As you work with fire as ceremony, you will develop your own unique rituals.

Watch my video on You Tube for a better understanding of a micro-fire ceremony.

Credits – Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds & their Teachers, all My Teachers and Guides, Great Spirit, Pachamama.

Building an Ancestral Altar

To break this curse, we must first honor our ancestors.

We can dump our historical baggage, the narrative we inherited over the course of thousands of years and many lifetimes – the story that drew us to our current family; the saga of our parents; the wounds they were unable to heal, and which were passed on to us, and through us to our children.

In the Amazon, they call these “ancestral curses.”

To break this curse, we must first honor our ancestors.

By respecting and celebrating them, no matter how awful their legacy, we can move on … and so can they.

Otherwise, they’ll continue living through us and haunting every endeavor and relationship in our lives.

Most anthropologists still believe that the ancestral altars found in every traditional culture are used for “worship.” Their true use is somewhat different.

These traditional societies understand that when you celebrate your ancestors, no matter how terribly they might have behaved, you find forgiveness and compassion and can break free of their karma and stories.

The Laika, for example, believe that if you don’t honor your ancestors with an altar, they will run amok in your house.

That is, it’s better to know where they are than to ignore their legacy.

I like to keep a close eye on them 🙂 .

The following exercise can spare you many years of psychotherapy by working through your mother and father issues:

Find a spot in your home (such as a shelf, windowsill, or fireplace mantel) where you can make a small altar, and place a cloth on it.

Next, arrange photographs or symbols of your ancestors on top.

If you don’t have a picture of your great-grandfather, you might put his ring or some other object he owned on the altar.

Or, you can use photographs of homes where your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents were raised.

If nothing else, use slips of paper with their names.

Make a habit of stopping at the altar to reflect upon the gifts of your ancestors. Honor them with incense or fresh flowers in a vase.

You may also want to bring your family members offerings from nature as the seasons change, such as shells or stones you pick up from the beach in summer, pinecones and dried leaves in the fall, and so on.

Every time you change the offerings, thank your ancestors for the gifts they gave you, no matter how harsh it was for you to experience receiving them, or how difficult it was to perceive them as gifts at all.

Remember that history is not what actually happened but how you choose to remember it – that is, how it lives within you.

Working with this ancestral altar, you can change your family story at the mythic level, where tales are epic journeys, not the same old tired sagas of emotional or material success or failure.

Keep in mind that this altar must be a representation of the one you build inside of yourself: What you create in your home should serve as a sort of spiritual Post-it note, reminding you to feel gratitude for the legacy you’ve been given and the lessons your ancestors taught you.

When we drop our dreary stories of victim, rescuer, and perpetrator, we become storytellers and mythmakers and are provided for in every way.

We no longer have to live in fear because we have stopped being the victim of our ancestral or cultural stories about scarcity, intimacy, aging, or creativity.

Regardless of what we own, we go from scarcity to abundance.

We see what everyone else sees but think something different about it.

We become like the lilies of the field, who neither toil nor spin but have all that they need.

We may still have to punch a time card, but we can live the life of the artist or poet, with many creative resources available to us.


Credits – Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds & their Teachers, all My Teachers and Guides, Great Spirit, Pachamama.

What Are Healing Circles?

My Healing Circle is free and open to all.

Many circles are specifically for those impacted by cancer, chronic illness, or grief; but not only.
They provide a safe space in which people who have suffered similar trauma can come together and Pray Healing. Either for themselves and or for family and friends to share and show their love and support.
They are a huge part of longstanding traditions in all indigenous tribes and cultures around the world.
There is no limit to the good that can be accomplished with Healing Circles.
It is a Safe Space to send love, light, and healing wishes to our friends and family.
It helps to shift from feelings of helplessness and terrified to ones of empowerment, trust and being hopeful.
When the intention of the circle is clear, eg: healing or prayers or meditating, then they cannot fail to be of service and have an impact at a quantum energy level.
The concept of coming together in “Circles of Light” where groups of people consciously activate loving and healing energy for our world during this pivotal time.
To make a positive impact while simultaneously providing much-needed rejuvenation and hope during this exhausting marathon of fear, loss, and uncertainty.
It is when we wake up to the essential truth that we are all one interconnected human family.
No matter what skeptics say, prayer works if it is informed by loving intention and wisdom.
There’s no question about it. Prayer also offers renewal, and renewal is essential, especially right now.
Prayer, Meditation and working with Spirit / God, is one of the great modalities of love.

It is an opening to the Divine.

When you channel all the streams of love you have into prayer, it doesn’t matter where you aim it.

The energies of prayer take on their own autonomous life and they know what to do. Praying, meditating, or visualising in groups helps the focus and magnifies the results.
It is empowering and relaxing to experience, helping shift out of anxiety and separation into a state of deep peace and connection.
It feels like being plugged into a powerful source of energy that recharges and reawakens you for the first time, suddenly discovering your true function.

As many of us are searching for ways to stay healthy, resilient and optimistic while we work to heal this troubled world, we can come together as energetic activists, which is both pioneering and an ancient act of honouring a glorious, timeless part of being human.

In reverence for the Divinity within that links us all. A healing circle is to provide positive social support to anyone who asks for it.
These circles build on a framework that brings out the best in people.
It encourages participants to treat one another with kindness and respect, hold one another’s stories in confidence, withhold judgment, and honour one another’s unique path to healing without advising, fixing, or rescuing.
Circle participants work together to explore the best ways to remove obstacles to healing, alleviate suffering, and deepen their capacity to heal.
They also access their own inner guidance to determine where the greatest healing—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—can occur.
Healing circles began 100,000 years ago, when our ancestors started to gather around campfires.
We’re grateful that indigenous peoples continued to carry the pattern of circle forward.

Circles started around the cook-fires of humanity’s ancestors and has accompanied us ever since.

We remember this space.

When we listen, we speak more thoughtfully.

We lean into shared purpose.

Everything was done around the fire, and I mean everything.
Healing Circles help us step out of ordinary time into a safe and accepting environment in which to explore our and others healing.

 Healing Circles with Jamie and other Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioners, Energy Healers and Light Workers from around the world will be held twice a month.

On the 1st and the 15th.

All we require is the Full Name of those in need of healing and their Age.

We do not need their diagnosis.

To learn to true way to Pray and Heal look at these videos.

The True Power of Praying –
Blessings and How You Heal –

For more information contact me.


Credits: Many sources, thank you and Thank You Pachamama.

Common Myths About Astrology

Most people only know about astrology from the horoscope columns . . .

Astrology Common Myths.

Most people only know about astrology from the horoscope columns they read in newspapers and magazines.

But, those forecasts are for entertainment purposes only and should never be

taken seriously.

If they seem even remotely accurate, rest assured it is only by coincidence,

because those columns have almost no bearing on the legitimate practice of astrology.

Here are a few other myths about astrology that should also be dispelled:

1. Astrology is not a religion, nor is it affiliated or associated with any religion or with satanism or with any specific belief system.

You can believe in and participate in any religion you choose and still practice astrology.

2. Astrology is about symbolism and has nothing to do with any purported physical energy

emanating from a planet, moon, or star.

3. Astrology cannot be used to predict an event, only the possibility of an event occurring, or a good time for a particular type of event to take place.

4. Astrology is only a guide, a map of the potential in your life.

However, no two people born at the exact same time and place will have the exact same life.

The very nature of astrology speaks to your exercise of “free will” and the many choices and options you have for how you live your life.

And that is what we will be delving into.

Into taking control of your life.


Modern-Day Energy Medicine To Wellness

Today in the west, we know 14,000 different diseases and probably the same number of cures.

Today in the west, we know 14,000 different diseases and probably the same number of cures. It has become a disease-care society, not a health care society.

In the West we have a disease-care system, and medicine recognizes thousands of ailments and a myriad of remedies.

The shamans of old, on the other hand, discovered One Spirit Medicine – a health-care system that identifies only one ailment and one cure.

The ailment is alienation from our feelings, our bodies, the earth, and Spirit.

The cure is the experience of primeval Oneness with all, which restores inner harmony and facilitates recovery from all maladies, regardless of origin.

At the heart of One Spirit Medicine is an age-old practice called the vision quest, a carefully choreographed encounter with nature and the invisible world.

Through fasting and meditation, a vision quest awakens the body’s self-repair and regeneration systems and reconnects us to Spirit and our own deepest purpose.

It is customary to seek vision in the wilderness.

But the experience of One Spirit can take place anywhere – even in a home garden or city park.

In rare instances, the encounter with Spirit is spontaneous, a bolt from the blue.

But for most of us, receiving One Spirit Medicine is a process that requires careful preparation over time.

Otherwise, the experience will most likely be fleeting – a sudden flash of insight or revelation, maybe a good story to tell over dinner with friends, but nothing anywhere near life-changing.

Laying the groundwork for transformation requires both spiritual and physical action.

Physical preparation starts with priming the brain.

Today’s hectic lifestyle keeps us in a constant state of stress.

We need to be weaned off the stress hormones that promote a fight-or-flight mindset, and start producing the brain chemicals that create health, serenity, and joy.

The process begins with detoxification – ridding the brain of deadly toxins, and reducing the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.

Then, we turn to superfoods to repair the region in the brain responsible for learning, and help the pineal gland manufacture DMT (dimethyltryptamine), a psychedelic compound that has been referred to as “the spirit molecule.” DMT allows us to experience a state of Oneness and connection to all.

This exchange of the toxic for the nourishing is necessary to recover our health and attain optimal well-being.

We can’t heal our emotions if our brain is toxic from mercury or lead poisoning, or our mind is careening unstoppably because our brain has been damaged by childhood trauma or pesticides in our food.

Ridding ourselves of environmental toxins is essential to restoring physical and mental health.

Superfoods and neuro-nutrients bring about changes in the brain that set us up for an extraordinary experience of higher consciousness, while spiritual preparation helps us let go of limiting beliefs and toxic behaviors.

As we free ourselves of outmoded stories about our past, One Spirit Medicine can infuse our being like a steady IV drip of healthy nutrients.

The benefits of One Spirit Medicine are far-reaching. Whether you’re suffering from a lifestyle-related disease, or you’re physically, mentally, or emotionally drained by the demands of your life, One Spirit Medicine can help you feel better and develop a renewed sense of purpose.

Through One Spirit Medicine we come to fully understand that how we perceive the world “out there” is a projection of internal maps that shape our beliefs and guide how we think, feel, and behave.

Stored as neural networks in the brain, these maps are the unconscious programs that drive our experience of life and the state of our health.

We want to change the maps that consider a 50 percent chance of Alzheimer’s a normal part of aging after 85, or rampant cancer and cardiovascular disease “normal.”

The key to optimum health is to upgrade the unconscious maps and limiting beliefs that have been driving us to a toxic lifestyle and relationships.

For more information. please contact me.

Credits – Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds & their Teachers, all My Teachers and Guides, Great Spirit, Pachamama.

The Extraction of Crystallized Energies

The Extraction process is performed during an Illumination, when the energetic landscapes of the chakras are revealed.

Some toxic energies can crystallize, becoming nearly material objects, which are impossible to metabolize through the Illumination Process and must be extracted manually.

These crystallized energies embed themselves in the physical body, taking on shapes such as daggers, arrows, spears, and swords.

Amazon shamans believe that crystallized energies are the result of black magic or sorcery.

I have found that these energies can be caused by anger, envy, or hatred directed at us by another person—often those who are closest to us.

Sometimes they are also energetic remnants from a former existence.

The Extraction process is performed during an Illumination, when the energetic landscapes of the chakras are revealed, and crystallized energies can be easily detected.

The Illumination combusts energies that collect around the crystallization and keep it wedged into the body, thereby facilitating the Extraction.

Negative energies are attracted to us when there is an affinity within us.

Anger can penetrate our LEF (Luminous Energy Field) only when the vibration for anger lives within us, and hatred can affect us only when self-hatred is present.

Consequently, it is not enough to extract the crystallized energies; the client’s affinities have to be changed as well.

The Illumination Process heals the affinities for these energies by clearing and stepping up the frequency at which a chakra spins.

As the vibratory rate of a chakra increases, we begin to attract pure, clear, beneficent energies.
There are five steps to the Extraction process.

First, I scan my client’s LEF, slowly passing my hand a few inches above the body.

I’m feeling for variations in temperature which often indicate the presence of a crystallized energy.

When I sense a shape, I wrap my hand around it and try to obtain an impression.

Then, I tease out the heavy energy at the base of the object, gathering these energies with my fingertips and flicking them to the Earth.

This begins to loosen the embedded object.

I move my hands to the release points at the back of the skull, triggering the release of any remaining toxic energies in the chakra.

There is not always a linear relationship between the site of the crystallized energy and the compromised chakra.

It is possible to find an embedded energy in the feet that involves the heart chakra.

That completed, I go back to the object, gently moving it from side to side and twisting to loosen it.

I invite my client to bring her awareness to the site and to feel my actions, asking her if she is experiencing any pain, or if I’m going too fast or too slow.

Often, I’ll ask my client to describe any images she is perceiving.

After the object is extracted, I illuminate the chakra, bathing it in pure light, to increase its vibratory rate and change the affinity.

Finally, I close the chakra and process with the client.

When I first learned the Extraction process, I thought the Amazon shamans perceived daggers, spears, and arrows embedded in their clients because such objects were the stuff of their everyday lives.

When I work with clients here I expected to detect objects more congruent with the symbols of modern warfare—guns and bullets.

To my surprise, I found exactly the same symbols that the jungle healers described.

I could make no sense of this until I considered that the brain’s limbic system evolved thousands of years ago at a time when our ancestors hunted game and slew each other with knives and spears.

The repertoire of images of this ancient brain structure remained unchanged.

The limbic brain takes the symbolic as literal.

When we have been betrayed, we say that we have been “stabbed in the back” because symbolically we have!

Contact me for more information and if you feel this is happening to you.

Most of my work is done remotely, and with clients all around the world.

So where ever you are we can work with this.


Credits – Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds & their Teachers, all My Teachers and Guides, Great Spirit, Pachamama.

Shamanic Fire Ceremony During Solstices and Equinoxes

A fire ceremony to honor solstices and equinoxes is a perfect time to contemplate our relationship to Spirit.

What is Spirit and what is a ceremony? Why do we use fire and ceremony?

The answers to these questions are complex and multidimensional, so there are many answers.

And any answers or understanding we get today will probably change when we ask the question again next time.

This is the nature of the great mystery.

We can’t know it.

We can only experience it.

When we experience something and we are conscious, we are changed forever.

A ceremony is an intentional event to celebrate and honor something sacred.

We gather at our fires to step outside of the limitation of our ordinary lives and ordinary time.

In ceremony, we step into sacred time and experience the infinite.

In ceremony, we grow our light bodies and feel our connection to all things.

We realize that everything is sacred and that all of life is a ceremony.

We gather at the fire because we walk the path of fire.

Fire is an element.

It is alive with the light of Ti.

It has the power to transform energy and matter in a very short time.

We use fire to transform instantly what would take long periods of time to process.

Fire consumes our heavy energy and transforms it back to light carrying our prayers with it.

Fire has such power that even a small candle or match can have more energy than we will ever need in a single ceremony or a single lifetime.

What better time to have a fire ceremony than during an equinox or a solstice.

The equinoxes happen in March (about March 21) and September (about September 23).

Equinoxes are opposite on either side of the equator, so the autumnal (fall) equinox is in the Northern Hemisphere, and the spring (vernal) equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.

These are the days when the Sun is exactly above the Equator, which makes day and night nearly equal in length, bringing balance and harmony to our nights and days. 

Likewise, we can strive to bring harmony into our lives during the equinoxes.

Equinoxes are different from solstices.

The two solstices happen in June (20 or 21) and December (21 or 22).

These are the days when the Sun’s path in the sky is the farthest north or south from the Equator.

A hemisphere’s winter solstice is the shortest day of the year and its summer solstice the year’s longest.

In the Northern Hemisphere the June solstice marks the start of summer: this is when the North Pole is tilted closest to the Sun, and the Sun’s rays are directly overhead at the Tropic of Cancer.

The December solstice marks the start of winter: at this point the South Pole is tilted closest to the Sun, and the Sun’s rays are directly overhead at the Tropic of Capricorn. (In the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are reversed.)

Have you honored a solstice or equinox with a fire ceremony?


Credits – Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds & their Teachers, all My Teachers and Guides, Great Spirit, Pachamama.


The momentum tunnel is the main channel of our timeline, charting the events of our past, present, and future.

The shaman is a tracker, who can track luminous cords extending into the past and the future.

The energy of these cords, the most likely trajectory, is our momentum tunnel.

To step outside of it and make more powerful changes, we need to lighten our baggage.

The lighter and less attached we are, the more nimble we become.

We can choose to give up our baggage and attachments or they will be taken from us when the change becomes necessary.

When this happens our destiny is derailed and we fall into the grip of fate.

And the problem with fate is that it is preordained.

We are no longer free and become victims of our genetics, our karma, or the tragic stories from our childhood.
The momentum tunnel is the main channel of our timeline, charting the events of our past, present, and future.
99% of the future possibilities can be extrapolated in the direction of its flow.
These are the strands that lie inside the borders described by the solid cord of light extending from our past and into our future.
This is we’re 99 percent of the outcomes of our lives will fall.

Only one percent of the possibilities lie outside the momentum tunnel, these are the most difficult to achieve, but are often the most promising.

Our momentum tunnel is what keeps us going with the flow, executing the sole contracts we entered into when we were six, the genetic predispositions we inherited, and the choices we made before we were born.

If you’ve already made the difficult choices that lead to wellness, longevity, and inner peace, then a momentum tunnel may already be supporting a journey. (This is what happens when we change the toxic relationship, leave the nightmare job, eat well and exercise, and have harmony in our life.)
But for many of us who are in a more difficult place in which to alter the course of our lives, the one percent that lies outside the momentum tunnel is where we can go to find our destiny.
It’s where we can look when our life isn’t working and we need to explore other possibilities.

For example, when someone is diagnosed with a form of cancer that’s fatal for the majority of people, 99% of the destiny lines may lead to a lengthy, crippling illness, or to death.

Only one percent of the lines will lead to health, yet assessing the one percent requires them to change 99% of their life.

Their genetics, lifestyle choices, and emotional environment all line up in the momentum tunnel leading toward disease, so they can go about changing their lives one aspect at a time (dieting, quitting high stress job, and so on), or, more powerfully, they can change the whole trajectory of the momentum tunnel energetically by journeying along their timeline to select a more desirable destiny.

This destiny is installed on the timeline by the mere act of finding it and seeing it.

The course of the momentum tunnel is then altered.

Once the course of the momentum tunnel lines up with your destiny, you can transform your entire life.

You won’t need to micromanage every choice you make, you’re merely need to be a good steward of the circumstances of your life, with a full knowledge and trust that the best destiny has already been selected.

When destiny has been installed in your future, the universe conspires on your behalf to make it come true.

You’re inner-guidance systems direct you towards this destiny ,and the hand of Spirit holds you.
Changing the Course of the Momentum Tunnel

Although changing the course of our momentum tunnel can be extremely desirable, it’s often not an easy task.

Imagine for a moment the difference between flying a Boeing 747 and a helicopter.

A 747 is built so that your drink won’t shake too much on the tray table in front of you, it’s so smooth that you can take a nap and the pilot can put the plane on autopilot, wonder around the cabin, and checkin with the passengers.

The stability comes at a price. To turn a 747, you have to make a wide sweeping motion that takes time, particularly if you want to do it so that none of the passengers find their drinks in their laps.

This is how most of us design our lives, so that we can walk around on autopilot with a drink poised on a little table. But we pay a price.

And just like the 747 it takes time to change course.

A helicopter is a totally different machine that’s designed to turn on a dime and dart in and out of places quickly.

Forget about getting up and going for a stroll around the aircraft, all the attention needs to be focused on flying.

You also have the jettison any excess baggage because a helicopter has to travel light. That means the drinks, the meals, the flight attendance all have to go.

It’s like driving a pick up truck with a washer and dryer in the back, and suddenly you want to make a left turn.

Even if you manage to make the turn at 100 miles an hour, the washer and dryer will keep going forward, and you’ll probably roll the truck over and go off the road.

In order to make the turn safely you need to slow way down.

The problem is that most of us don’t know how to slow down the truck, that is, how to cut back on our work hours or change our relationship with our children, because we lost control of the momentum that propels us forward.
If we don’t jettison our baggage, then the washer and dryer, the job, the spouse, and even her health will be stripped from us.

Achieving stillness gives us access to  many shamanic practices, and mapping our lifelines and achieving clarity supports our ability to achieve stillness.

We have techniques and exercises that you can learn to landscape your own momentum tunnel.

It is important to approach this with an open mind.
Destiny isn’t always what we feel we want to change, but sometimes what we truly need to change in our lives, no matter how accomplished or successful, in order to have a healed and meaningful existence.

For more information, contact me directly

In Love and Light,


Credits – Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds & their Teachers, all My Teachers and Guides, Great Spirit, Pachamama.

Transforming Fate Into Destiny

Fate is also deadly

Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, there’s a marked difference between fate (which is known as karma among Eastern traditions) and destiny (also known as dharma).

Fate is a course that’s been predetermined by our family, our history, our genes, and our emotional wounds – it is the prearranged and seemingly inevitable series of events that happen to us.

We speak about the fate of nations with a sense of inevitability.

We sometimes hear of two individuals meeting, or of a relationship breaking apart, and say that it was “fated to happen.”

Fate appears unavoidable and stalks us at every turn in our lives.

For example, we leave one spouse only to end up in the same relationship with another person.

Fate is also deadly; in fact, it has the same origin as the word fatality.

Destiny, on the other hand, is the purpose and calling of a life, and it can be discovered and realized.

Early Greeks believed that fate was spun from a certain thread, and that once it was woven into a cloth it was irreversible; they saw destiny, on the other hand, as a force or agency that could intervene to reweave the cloth of fate.

Destiny allows you to transcend fate and live free of negative emotional and genetic programming.

By stepping into your destiny, you can free yourself from an inheritance of breast cancer or heart disease, or from an emotional history that causes you to continually remarry an updated version of an unsuitable spouse.

Destiny allows you to navigate life instead of stumble through it.

When you step into your destiny, you can participate consciously in your own growth.

I believe that destiny can also happen without divine intervention – but it requires that you become conscious of your past wounds and respond to the calling you were born with.

Then you can steer the course of your own life.

Biologists and the Laika have different understandings of evolution.

Biologists think that it happens only between generations – that is, our children may be smarter and healthier than we are, but it’s too late for the current generation to change.

But the Laika understand that evolution happens within generations, so you can actually uncoil the layers of your genetic code to reinform your DNA and change your genetic fate.

Science believes that our genes can’t be altered, and we’re all bound to inherit certain traits and tendencies from previous generations.

So if a genetic predisposition runs in your family, your children’s fate has been sealed: The breast cancer you inherited from your mother is just waiting to express itself, and the heart condition passed down from your father will spring up like a jack-in-the-box down the road.

Like the Laika, I believe that we can change our destiny so that our children will inherit the healed traits we develop in our lifetime, as we uncoil the genetic code another strand.

Through journeying, we can track a destiny in which we heal and age differently, one in which we avoid manifesting the ailments of our ancestors or reliving our childhood traumas.

Journeying can guide us to grow new bodies informed not only by who we’ve been in the past, but by who we’ll be 10,000 years from now.

To transform your Fate into your destiny, contact me for more information.

Credits – Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds & their Teachers, all My Teachers and Guides, Great Spirit, Pachamama.